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What the Frack Susan Komen?

We support breast cancer organizations that support Wellness and Women.

Two of our favorites are Breast Cancer Action and United Breast Cancer Fund.

Breast Cancer Action provided the film we screened ?Pink Ribbons Inc?. This California based charity takes no money from Pharma and has worked tirelessly to find the prevention piece in breast cancer. They have lobbied against the cancer causing agents used in fracking, gone to the Supreme Court to support the ruling that Corporations cannot own women?s gene information, publish the Think Before You Pink cosmetics guide and so much more. Their website is www.bcaction.org

United Breast Cancer Fund truly helps women and their families who have been affected by this dreaded disease. This organization helps fund breast screening for women in need including high quality Thermography. They help women access holistic complementary care and are now associated with the renowned Omega Institute. Their website is www.ubcf.info

If you donate in the month of March to BCA or UBCF and notify us, we will enter you in our raffle for a breast thermography. You may use the win for yourself or as a gift.

So why not try your luck and help these worthwhile non-profits find their pot of gold to help women.

We are in Sherman Oaks on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and two Saturdays month.

Our satellite locations now include Santa Monica, Monrovia, Redlands, Canyon Country and Palm Desert.

Wishing you a healthy and lucky March!