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What is Thermography or Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI)?

Thermography is used to describe a thermal image taken of the body by a special highly sensitive infrared camera. It is a test of physiology, rather than more commonly used tests of anatomy like x-ray and MRI’s. Thermal imaging looks for thermal asymmetry or differences in temperature patterns comparing the patient’s right and left sides. Thermography also looks at “thermatomes” or areas of expression on the skin, inflammation and vascular patterns.

Looking at a function, we can see patterns that may become a problem down the line. It is like looking at your blood sugar patterns before you are diagnosed as diabetic. With this information, our goal is to be a proactive health screening service, helping our patients maintain or return to good health.

What is Thermography

What kind of infrared camera do you use in your offices?

At The Breast Thermography Center, we use the Meditherm 2000™ which is an infrared camera made specifically for medical use. This highly sensitive camera is registered with the FDA and CE (Europe). Each image contains approximately 60,000 pixels and temperatures in each pixel are sensitive to 1/100 of a degree. The camera has a narrow range of 8 degrees which allows for greater sensitivity than a camera manufactured for general industrial purposes.

Are there special conditions required when using a medical infrared camera?

It is important that the images are taken in a room that is temperature controlled without natural light.
We require all our offices to offer these conditions.

Who takes the images with the camera?

At The Breast Thermography Center, our Certified Clinical Thermography Technicians have advanced training and certification. All our CCT’s are female with years of experience.

How long are medical thermography images saved?

All images are saved for a minimum of seven years. This allows for comparison of images over a long period of time. The basis of thermography is looking at change over time.

Who interprets the reports?

At The Breast Thermography Center, we work with Medical Doctors who are trained and certified as Thermologists. The Doctors use very sophisticated sensitive software to aid in the interpretation. We have found that using Medical Doctors who are HIPPA compliant, with quality control, and second opinion options to produce the most reliable reports for our patients.

Will I get a copy of my report?

You will receive an emailed PDF of the report and your images. The report is password protected for your privacy. Your Doctor will also receive an email upon your request. You will be able to keep your report and images on your computer for future access. If you prefer, in lieu of a PDF, we will print and mail you two copies of your report.

Thermograpy Report

How will I understand my report?

After you receive your report, we will give you a phone call to make sure you understand the breast thermography ratings and any other information.

For full thermography scans or partial body thermography scans, you will have the opportunity for an email review where your questions will be answered, and additional follow up recommendations will be made.