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We are in the last year of our first decade providing breast and full body thermography. We are having some wonderful opportunities to utilize our technology in new ways.

Vascular Thermography The Breast Thermography CenterLast year we began to monitor the progress of a young man who was involved in a serious automobile accident. Initially, the vascular system was very compromised. The standard tests could not measure the healing process. It was wait and see. When we followed his progress with thermal imaging, we could visualize that his condition was getting worse, and then with this information, his treatment was changed. The images were able to direct his parents and Doctors to what was working and what wasn?t.

We were initially scanning him monthly and now quarterly. We are so grateful to have been a part of his healing. His Mother thanks us for helping save his foot!!! This study will be presented at our next conference so I?ll keep you in suspense with the more recent images. Spoiler alert ? it has a happy ending.

Hopefully you saw our last newsletter about the animal thermography training we attended with Dr. Debra Voulgaris. www.animalthermography.com

This last week we monitored a study involving the mind-body connection with talented healer Brandy Gillmore. With the continuous thermal scanning, we were able to objectively monitor the rapid reduction in pain and inflammation of five subjects. Brandy is at the forefront of this work as a healer, sought after speaker and author of an upcoming book. Her goal is to help everyone have life changing results with the power of the mind. We look forward to doing more studies with Brandy to get the message out. BrandyGillmore.com