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We are pleased to offer Thermography (Infrared Thermal Imaging) in our Redlands office.

Thermal imaging is a proactive health screening that does not require contact with the body and there is no radiation. The technology uses a very special medically designed and manufactured infrared camera to capture the heat patterns coming off of your body. These skin temperature readings are then interpreted in a written report, providing information about your physiology or body function.

Thermography is best used as a health screening. Like a GPS to keep you on track. The same way you might track your blood sugar and modify your diet instead of waiting to become an insulin dependent diabetic. That is prevention not just detection.

We offer full body, partial body, region of interest and breast thermography.

Schwarz Wellness Center is proud to have partnered with Advanced Medical Thermography to offer regular scan days in our office. After many years of offering breast and full body thermal imaging to our community on a monthly basis, we have now have inhouse screenings available on a weekly basis including two Saturdays a month.

Our Thermography Technicians have been personally trained by Dr. Hillary Smith, D.C., who is the only highest-level Thermographer (Level 3) within the American College of Clinical Thermology in California. All images and reports are personally reviewed by her, and images are interpreted by her panel of Certified M.D. Thermologists. She is also available to discuss the findings with our clients.

There is no prescription needed for Thermography. The screening is open to our clients as well as the general public. Our Thermographers are also offering this valuable service to other clinics in the Inland Empire and Coachella Valley.

For more information please call 818-769-4045 or to schedule an appointment.