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We hope you had a wonderful spring and that the summer brings many new adventures.

At Advanced Medical Thermography we have enjoyed some new adventures as well.

Last week was our Nine Year Anniversary of bringing high quality thermography to our area. It?s hard to believe we are moving toward a decade. We have seen much awareness and expansion since we began in 2006. We are so grateful to the remarkable people we have met along the way. We thank you for being a part of the journey, trusting us with you imaging, and for being a part of the health revolution.

This month we had the pleasure of attending a thermography training for our four legged best friends.

Dr. Debra Volgauris, Holistic Veterinarian, is bringing high quality medical grade animal thermography to California. The training took place at Paradise Valley Farm. We were in the beautiful community of Hidden Hills. Equestrian Trainer, Annette Osterlund, teaches children and adults riding and horse care in addition to rescuing horses, goats, and dogs. She has a special offer if you would like to learn to ride.

We are excited to help spread the word about Dr. Volgauris and her thermography company.