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I recently returned for our American College of Clinical Thermology conference. This year it was held just outside of Washington D.C. and there were almost 300 attendees from all over the world. We enjoyed speakers from China, Hungary, Costa Rica and the UK, as well as our U.S. Doctors. It?s always fun to connect with our longtime colleagues who have been doing thermography for ten plus years like myself. Also it is encouraging to see all the new Thermographers and the growth of the technology.

Some of the highlights for me professionally were to see the studies being done with thermography in hospitals around the world.

Dr. Pusztai, OB/Gyn in Hungary is using thermography in addition to history taking and ultrasound to establish thermal patterns seen in endometriosis and uterine fibroids. How helpful this will be for our interpretations in the future. He is also working with breast thermography and thermal imaging to help with fertility treatments.

The Doctors in China are using thermography for a range of subjects. Dr. Deng who is a Pulmonary Doctor is tracking deep vein thrombosis with thermography to prevent blood clots from traveling to the lungs. That can be lifesaving.

One of my favorite presentations was the use of thermal imaging in the UK for veterinary use. Even zoos are employing the technology in the care of the animals. Can you imagine taking images of a baby rhino?

More technical presentations revealed some new software our medical grade cameras will be paired with by years? end. Our current software is the best available but the new software will bring us into the next decade for sure. It will be helpful to the Thermographer but also enlightening for the patient receiving their images.

Dr. Peter Leando, the developer of the Meditherm Camera and EMI, gave several interesting presentations. We were able to see that full body thermography has grown in popularity over the years. Wellness screenings of the full body including the breast are being performed almost on par with breast screenings, which were the predominate use of medical thermography in the past. So much great information in a full body scan for proactive health.

We also had a demonstration of new software being developed to detect allergies with thermography. I?m looking forward to offering this service in the future.

Dr. Leando also reviewed some false claims made about industrial thermal cameras vs our medical grade camera. In my opinion and the opinion of many respected Doctors worldwide, nothing compares to our camera and system. The internet unfortunately can spread false information. I feel confident that I am offering the best of the thermal options. I will write more about this in the future to explain the differences and break it down simply.

We also had fun including a river cruise down the Potomac with the DC monuments all lit up.

Hillary Smith BirthdayThe last night I was fortunate to spend my birthday with some wonderful thermography pals. They took me to a fun dinner and even though we don?t see each other often, it?s like we were never apart.

I was able to celebrate a tradition started on my birthday in Barcelona four years ago. Instead of blowing out my birthday candle, I light it. Doesn?t that make sense? Maybe you would like to try it.