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I was listening to Dr. Tom Hudson on the radio with Dr. Christine Northrup. Dr. Hudson is a Board Certified Breast Radiologist and Thermologist. He has a unique perspective on Breast imaging. Beyond the nuts and bolts of explanations and information, he also believes what I have come to believe. Each woman must make treatment decisions based on her own inner knowing. I have found that those who rush into any option based on FEAR are usually unhappy with the outcome. Those who come to an informed and thoughtful decision are usually happy, no matter what route they take.

And FEAR is prevalent in our society. The pink ribbon just perpetuates it. Breast Cancer Awareness. Thanks Folks. We got it. We are aware. You don?t need to put that ribbon on your products, many which contain toxic ingredients and hormone disruptors, just to make us aware. It should be productive.

Let?s redefine FEAR as we redefine the paradigm of health over disease, prevention over detection, and proactive lifestyles over diagnosis.

F ? Faith
E ? Education
A ? Action
R ? Responsibility

Faith ? may be your spiritual or religious beliefs that guide and comfort you. It may be faith in yourself and your ability to make the right decisions. It could be in the outcome or faith in the practitioners that you choose. Faith that your community is walking this journey with you. Having faith will set you up with the attitude to move forward.

Education ? We must educate ourselves on the different options. Nothing is 100% and you will know what?s right for you when all the options on are the table. Relinquishing our power to experts is part of the old paradigm.

Listening to experts and respecting and considering their opinions is a positive part of the education experience.

Action ? FEAR can paralyze a person. Action doesn?t have to mean jumping into a decision. It is the small steps to health. Rest, diet, exercise to the best to your ability. Asking for help from friends is an action. Reading and learning and questioning are actions. Crying and releasing is an action. It?s movement.

Responsibility ? you are in charge of you. Please don?t give that to any Physician, Healer, Family member or anyone other than you. If you are of sound mind, it will best serve you to take responsibility for your decisions. I believe this can make the healing process easier because you will be the Victor not the Victim.

Let?s make this new F.E.A.R. a part of all our Health decisions.