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Full & Partial Body Scans


Full Body & Region of Interst Body Thermography Scans.

Breast thermography is the best-known application of our technology, however full body and partial body thermography scans are growing in popularity. Because thermal imaging can detect heat, inflammation may be seen.

Body Thermography Scans Identify Damaging or Chronic Inflammation

Identifying inflammation with a body thermography scan can be very helpful. Seeing the origin of a pain pattern can lead to better diagnosis and more effective treatment protocols. X-rays and MRI’s see structure but adding a body thermography scan can show areas of infection and inflammation. This is helpful to people with pain symptoms where the cause cannot be pinpointed. Over time we are seeing more and more patients who have been referred to us by their Dentists to perform thermography scans on their mouths including existing root canals.

Body Thermography Scans in Dentistry – Root Canals

In a root canal operation the dentist cleans out the pulp of a tooth (see image). Once the pulp is removed the cavity is disinfected and filled. The primary function of the dental pulp is to form dentin. The pulp also keeps the organic components of the surrounding mineralized tissue supplied with moisture and nutrients; extremes in temperature, pressure, or trauma to the dentin or pulp are perceived as pain. In a root canal operation, the dentist effectively cuts the nerve connection cutting off pain receptors.

dental thermograpy

Dental pain, like all pain, lets us know there is something wrong with our body. One of the major problems with root canals is we are unaware we may have an infection until the abscess becomes large enough to cause secondary problems because the nerve has been severed. This allows infections to grow over a much longer period of time and become a major health issue before they are detected. Chronic inflammation is now known as “the silent killer” leading to chronic disease, heart disease, and cancer. Root canals are susceptible to infection and inflammation that can turn into chronic inflammation. A dental body thermography scan of your jaw can detect the inflammation before it becomes chronic.

Breast Scans

Five images minimum, including the front, sides and obliques views. Additional views as needed, especially to mark an area of concern or past surgery site.

What is Breast Thermography Los Angeles California

Full Body Scan

Full body scans are from the head to the feet. Included is the head and neck, upper extremities, lower extremities, breast, abdomen, pelvic region on females, and the full back. The brain is not seen through the skull.

Pain Full Body Thermography Scan

Upper Body Scans

Option one includes the head and neck, breast, abdomen and full back.

Option two includes the head and neck, breast, upper back and upper extremities.

Lower Body Scans

Lower body scans include the low back and buttocks (sciatic notch), full legs including hips and feet.

Body Thermography Scan

Region of interest

Any area can be scanned. Examples may be head and neck, or breast.

Let us know your concern, and we will help you decide on the most effective series to choose.