It is important when choosing a Thermographer to find out some basic information.

At Advanced Medical Thermography we use the Meditherm 2000 camera. This camera has been designed and manufactured only for medical use. The 8 degree range allows for the smallest subtleties to be detected. It is the only medical thermography camera that is FDA registered and CE approved (Europe). It is designed to control thermal drift and does not have the infrared blocking optical lens of an industrial camera. Simply put, it is the best and most advanced camera for medical use.
We have the ideal setting for optimal infrared scanning and follow strict and proper protocols with each patient.
A female Certified Clinical Thermographer takes the images. Most images are taken personally by Dr. Hillary Smith, and all reports are reviewed by her prior to submission for interpretation. Dr. Smith is a Level 3 Certified Clinical Thermographer, the most advanced certification awarded by the American College of Clinical Thermography. She has maintained a successful Integrative medicine and chiropractic practice in this area for over twenty five years.
Images are interpreted by Licensed Medical Doctors in the United States who are certified as Thermologists.
All images are saved on a server for seven years to be used for comparison.
Second opinions are available. Having a board of medical doctors allows for a quick turn around time on all reports, usually within a day and guaranteed within 2 business days.
All reports are reviewed with you or your doctor by Dr. Hillary Smith, D.C., CCT. This is typically done on the phone but an office consultation is available. With an extensive background in chiropractic medicine, clinical nutrition and a Doctorate in Homeopathy, she is well equipped to guide the patient how to follow up with their report. Additionally, Dr. Smith can advise you when thermography is the best option for you, and if not, can refer you elsewhere.