In addition to breast thermography, we offer full body or region of interest thermography scans.

We are able to view inflammation and visualize pain. This is particularly useful for someone who can’t find the origin of their pain. The information is very helpful for further diagnostics and for the treating Healthcare Practitioner.

Early information about inflammation in the head and neck can lead to appropriate preventative treatments. Thermal findings related to various organs can allow for early warning signs and treatment for areas of concern before they become more serious problems.

Full Body Scan

Full Body ScanFor optimum proactive and preventative health screening. This test includes upper body, breast, abdominal region, legs, knees, feet, hands, and arms.

Upper/Lower Body Scan

Half Body Scan 2 Half Body Scan 3
Upper Body Scan

This test is offered when the patient has more than one area of interest to be screened. (Can include breast screening as well)

Region of Interest

region of interestThis screening can help determine diagnosis for unexplained pain.